Here’s how you can have a NetSuite ERP Consultant certification.

1: Prepare Yourself

If you are a fresher and at the starting point of your career as a NetSuite consultant, grab the opportunity of NetSuite consultant boot camp training to have a certification.

The boot camp is really a 3-week program to train via providing core knowledge required to be a proficient consultant for NetSuite. The program offers hands-on experience via exercises, self, as well as a case study revolving around a real-life example for appropriate implementation.

You learn to work with NetSuite solutions according to business requirements and how to apply that knowledge while configuring a sample production account.

In the first two weeks of the entire session, you will be taught about the core NetSuite ERP features, standardized processes, workflow automation, financial reporting and analytics, and customization and integration capabilities.

After this, a case study is given to apply that knowledge. A brain exercising, simulating tasks and activities that represent NetSuite implementation.

The whole training is quite intense that accentuates your learning of courses in only 3 weeks. You can opt to register for a class for further learning.

2: Application

Now is the time to put your learnings into practice, from the boot camp to real-life projects. Before you can have NetSuite ERP certification, you have to cover over 7 medium or 3 NetSuite ERP implementations to get the experience required.

This takes about 2 years of experience. The skills that you must possess after this:

  • NetSuite ERP solutions with respect to business requirements.
  • Suggestions to the customers for changing standard ERP workflows.
  • Identify the need to use scripting tools to understand the business needs.
  • Explain the benefits of NetSuite configuration options.

3: Reinforcement

After gaining the type of experience required, you should take part in the ERP Consultant Study Session. This will help to amp your knowledge before the actual certification exam.

This session is divided into 2 days. A NetSuite expert will work with you to guide you after reviewing key subject areas and cases. The first day of the session’s focal point is on ERP capabilities like accounting and financial management.

Day 2 concentrates on platform capabilities. This includes reporting, searching, customization, and process automation. By the time you finish the two-day time, you’ll know whether or not you are ready for the final certification exams or if you need further practice.

4: Final Certification

After the training and required experience, it is best to take the NetSuite ERP Consultant Exams to become certified.


If you have any further queries, contact Powercloud Consulting Agency for help.

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