Getting a brand new ERP solution for the firm is a big deal – most companies tend to use their software for more than 7 to 10 years, on the whole, so one would want to make the right choice. Whereas the software is central to your decision, you should also consider the vendor stability and your relationship with the Netsuite implementations partner if you decide to go for one.

Netsuite gives you an option to either directly purchase from NetSuite or via an implementation partner. If you go for the direct option, there will be interaction with a Netsuite salesperson. Their team will handle the rest of the implementation and ongoing support.

You may think it is feasible to cut out the middleman and not use a partner for netsuite implementations and work directly with a software vendor; it is not that simple.

Why Should You Work with a Netsuite Partner For Implementations?

Price is the most critical factor involved– a few firms think they will get better discounts by removing the third party, but that is not true.

Netsuite partners can easily match the direct team with prices, discounts, quotations and other financing options. Therefore, taking out price from the equation, what do NetSuite partners offer that you would not get buying directly?

1. Business Expertise And Technical Knowledge Combination

You will most likely get the industrial standard implementations instead of tailored solutions that would be the best fit for your business challenges. A partner, on the other hand, has a far deeper grasp of business processes – technology.

The partners give leverage to the firms in a similar way the Netsuite direct team will, but then they go an extra mile to address the processes unique to your business further.

Not every challenge is resolvable with different functionality. Third party teams have the expertise to make solutions that fit your business queries, including everything from simple modifications, to netsuite integrations and customizations.

2. Provision of Support To Entire ERP Process

Purchasing an ERP may be an overwhelming experience, especially if you have never been through the process.

A partner for netsuite implementations has adequate expertise and knowledge to guide your firm through the buying procedure. They work to unveil the key pains of your business and make use of it as a roadmap for your ERP solution.

After you get in touch with the netsuite team directly, you will have to deal with people having limited access to experienced salespeople who have a standard predefined solution to sell. They do not have the depth of expertise to help you purchase the right pack.

When you purchase from a partner, expect guidance of a high level throughout your netsuite implementations journey and beyond it.

Not just implementation of the software – third parties can help you manage the dynamics efficiently to ease the stress on your firm’s team to ensure user adoption. That is something you cannot expect from an ERP vendor.

3. A Partner invested in Your Success

Netsuite provides a high level of customer satisfaction; if you purchase it directly, do not worry. They will take care of your queries. However, be mindful that it is a large scale organization, and workers mostly shift roles.

As a customer then for you, it means that your project managers and consultants may cost you more for frequent overtime. Moreover, with even the slightest of change in staff, there’s a whole period of familiarization with your business and your implementations of netsuite.

Having a partner to work with for netsuite integrations is a totally different experience. There will be a consistent team that has the knowledge of your business inside out. Power Cloud Consulting is one such platform that can help you in your ERP journey. Call now at 866 517 8483 for more.

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