With its CRM, consolidated ERP, and e-commerce features, NetSuite has become the leading cloud solution. Companies can manage their important business processes in a unified system by switching to NetSuite. Not only is it highly efficient, but this cloud-based software is also cost-effective as well. You can get NetSuite for your fast-growing company to attain most of its benefits. Don’t know why? Keep reading to learn why NetSuite might be what your company needs for accelerated growth.

Why You Should Consider NetSuite for Your Fast-Growing Company

NetSuite presents businesses to handle and manage all of their processes in a single system. With its many benefits, NetSuite is a must-have for fast-growing companies because:

1. Variety of Features

NetSuite offers many functions that might be helpful for manufacturing, Software, Professional Services, Nonprofits, Wholesale Distributors, and E-commerce companies. Hence, different industries, no matter the company size, can use the richness of features that this cloud-based software offers.

2. Pricing

The modular approach of NetSuite allows the users to select and license the modules they require. In doing so, it gives them control over the costs by helping the users reduce them. So you’ll only have to pay for the modules being used. This financial flexibility makes NetSuite a sought-after cloud solution for fast-growing companies.

3. Feasible Integrations

A key benefit of NetSuite is that it allows seamless integration with popular third-party tools and software. Whether you want to do it directly or through an integration platform, the robust APIs will make it possible.

4. Visibility

Fast-growing companies need to make decisions on the spot. Trying to find and extract the data from different sources for that can waste precious seconds. With NetSuite, you can make informed decisions as it provides real-time visibility of the data. As a result, you’ll have punctual, accurate reports that allow you to make quick decisions. Moreover, NetSuite provides data across the whole organization, so you can easily access it.

5. Accelerated Growth

If your company switches to NetSuite, you can expand to various locations and set up new sales channels much more quickly. This is possible due to the unified order plus the accounting management processes and data.

6. All the Company Information in One Place

Since the NetSuite system covers your whole business, information flows seamlessly. This unified, integrated system allows accurate reports, as the employees don’t have to manually input data while sending reports to different departments. Plus, it also saves the time of manually typing the information.

7. Expands Collaborative Statistics

You can make self-service portable, which will improve B2B and B2C collaborations. Furthermore, it allows you to work closely with customers, suppliers, and partners. You can also get notified about partner-specific events, which aids in speeding up the process cycles. This way, you can stay on top as the partner of choice.

8. Scalability

Your fast-growing business might change in capacity or size, and NetSuite can be scaled along with your company. With multiple currencies, languages, subsidiaries, and other related functions, this cloud-based software can extend with your business. Be it horizontal or vertical growth, NetSuite won’t fail you. It can add more users to the subscription if the company grows horizontally. On the other hand, the ERP system can add new modules if your business expands vertically. In short, NetSuite will not hinder your fast-growing company’s growth.

9. Customization

Regarded as the world’s most customizable SaaS solution, NetSuite allows a high degree of customization, thanks to SuiteFlex. The user will need a few clicks, instead of coding, to set up all the modular implementations. In addition, you can tailor the business processes to meet the requirements of your company. This is possible with the help of industry-specific modules!

The Next Step

NetSuite has changed the game as a cloud-based system that is rich in various features. Fast-growing companies can make the most of it. Just contact Power Cloud Consulting at (866) 517 8483 to get started today!

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