Yes, you heard that right! We know many times your mind boggles while using NetSuite, and many “how to…s” come into your mind. So, do not worry; this feature is here to make your life easy. NetSuite SuiteAnswers is a detailed informational center of searchable articles to support your queries.

The good news is that this feature is available to all NetSuite customers; SuiteAnswers is your go-to source for help and support.

What Can You Use NetSuite SuiteAnswers For?

Some of the things you can use SuiteAnswers for are as follows:

  1. Search for active queries that are answered with research topics and relevant articles.
  2. Top-ranked search results in order of relevance.
  3. You can review the learning portal’s detailed self-understanding training catalog for a course.
  4. There is an option to rate and give feedback on those articles and training courses in the portal.

Moreover, do not think that the NetSuite Support tab is going anywhere; it is getting redesigned for an interface-friendly and streamlined experience.

However, some previously available links on the Support tab have been relocated.

How Does SuiteAnswers Help?

This new addition of SuiteAnswers NetSuite has come with changes ranging from expanded content, filters for relevance, and product-wise categories for better search functionality.

This is enough to support NetSuite users that want to learn and discover. It is equipped with more than 50,000 support resources.

Here’s what you can expect from the new SuiteAnswers:

Enhancements of Content

  • Streamlined, greater readability of resources that have usability enhancements, like approximate reading time, options to share, and improved code samples.
  • You can also download resources, which include eBooks as well as presentations on a variety of niche topics.
  • Categories help announcements to be heard. They are done product-wise, which eases tracking of changes for you about the matters most important to your business.
  • There are video explanations product-wise. The variation includes NetSuite Basics, topics on ERP, Commerce, and SuiteAnalytics.
  • Specially curated videos for the “Staff Picks” section.

Offers better search:

  • The new feature of the natural-language search engine provides easy access to query answers and accurate results.
  • It offers predictive, type-forward search results and provides previous search history lookups for faster results.
  • Advanced search filtering for relevancy with detailed content types. The segregation is according to the audience and product categories.

Intense comprehensive support:

  • SuiteAnswers also has intuitive case submission files with questions curated to each product site giving a simplified and speedy resolution of your issues.
  • The relevancy and quality of resource articles are unmatched to provide just the perfect amount of information to diagnose issues efficiently.

Final Words

NetSuite has changed the game and now has an even better edge compared to other cloud solutions. This improvement adds value to the customers’ business and helps it grow. Get in touch with Power Cloud to learn more about this feature. Dial (866) 517-8483 to connect with us.

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