Shifting your entire business operation to NetSuite isn’t exactly easy, nor is it that simple. It takes patience and a whole lot of teamwork to learn the ropes of something new. But in the end, the rewards are just as fruitful.

Plus, NetSuite works for all, no matter what type of business you own. The only thing that truly cements its purpose is how successful the implementation goes. There is no doubt that a system as intricate as NetSuite requires careful planning and structure. With every data entry comes heaps of steps and procedures to account for. Thus, given its detailed design, it’s pretty common to run into hurdles, and if you’re not careful, all your investment can go down the drain.

So, how do you prevent that from happening? More importantly, how can you maximize your NetSuite investment and plan a successful implementation? — Well, luckily for you, we have compiled a list of tried and tested techniques to help with your NetSuite shift, such as the ones listed below.

Identify The Problem Point
The first thing you need to lead with is identifying the problem. Find out what you are lacking and why you really need NetSuite. If you’re unsure of your weaknesses, consult a credible NetSuite partner for help.

Plan Out Every Small Detail
The purpose of NetSuite is to organize every tiny detail of your company. However, in order to get accurate results, you will first need to enter every single step of a task, the employees involved in it, all the approvals required to make it successful, and the necessary data included

Create A Budget and Timeframe
NetSuite implementation can be expensive and take more time than you think to get used to. Thus, rather than burning through your resources, create a budget and allocate a time limit to help set your goals. But remember to leave some wiggle room as you may need more money or time to make it functional

Select Someone To Lead The Project
This is a very important step. Choosing the right leader to head the project can make or break it. For the best results, select one person to oversee everything, while the department managers act as sub-leaders, handling the rest of the employees

Get Your IT Team Involved
If your company has IT resources, don’t be afraid to use them. Since NetSuite is highly technical, the more advanced your team is, the better

Pick a NetSuite Partner
Ultimately, who you pick to work with is incredibly important. Do your research and choose a NetSuite partner with experience, good problem-solving techniques, a high success rate, and flexible pricing

Settle on Attainable Goals
The biggest mistake businesses make is setting high, unrealistic goals. This tends to exhaust your resources faster, with nothing to account for after. Instead, you should set multiple attainable goals within a certain time frame to help boost morale

Test The Digital Waters
Testing is key! It ensures NetSuite is fulfilling all your business needs. Make it necessary for your team to test out every single task and workflow within the system for a foolproof outcome

Set Up Employee Training
Lastly, once everything is set up and you’re almost done with the implementation, the most important factor comes into play. This settles whether or not your NetSuite shift will be worth it, and that is only through vigorous employee training. Every employee working with NetSuite’s interface must be expertly trained. They will have to adopt all the features to make your investment worth the while.

Want To Upgrade To NetSuite?

To summarize, the only way to successfully implement NetSuite into your business is by patient and thorough research. The more you work together with your employees and promote teamwork, the faster you’ll see results.

And don’t forget! Selecting a suitable NetSuite partner is just as crucial, if not more. Thus, if you want to climb up the ladder and boost your operations, contact Power Cloud Consulting at (866) 517-8483 or schedule an online consultation today! We have just what you’re looking for.

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