Usually, ERP or Enterprise resource planning modules are supporters of functions happening in the office. Various departments such as finance and accounting, manufacturing, procurement, order management, and customer relationship management (CRM) make use of Netsuite ERP Modules.

They provide better functional solutions and professional services automation to human resources management, eCommerce, and marketing.

Netsuite Modules – What Are They?

These modules work as additional features to the regular Netsuite ERP. This functionality lets businesses to easily customize solutions to meet their standards of needs.

In this, new features can seamlessly enter and structure on existing capabilities. NetSuite is so made to grant easy access of adding different functionalities as your business grows.

What Are Netsuite Modules List?

Your business plan and netsuite capabilities should grow side by side. Netsuite modules cover a wide range of distinct features making sure that your software always meets your business requirements.

Types of NetSuite Module

In this blog, we have detailed two of the many modules netsuite offers.

Financial Management
NetSuite Advanced Financials adds financial management strategies for ease in budgeting, allocating expenses, amortization, and statistical accounts.

NetSuite Suite Billing incorporates invoice and billing management which aids in transaction and subscription while accounting for the revenue in accordance with the latest revenue recognition standard.

NetSuite Revenue Management helps to abide by revenue recognition regulations. With that, it reports in a timely manner due to the automation of revenue forecasting, recognition, allocation, reclassification as well as audit.

NetSuite Planning & Budgeting facilitates aids in budgeting and planning as well as approval of workflows and reporting.

NetSuite Multi-Book Accounting Lets the finance department’s members to make business transaction records by automatically posting the activity on more than one books.

NetSuite Module – Customer Relationship Management

This module will help in aligning and managing every area of the customer relationship. This includes automation of marketing, customer service, interaction history, etc.

Moreover, it keeps up with sales and partner performance. Provides quotes, manages orders, forecasts sales, and integrates with eCommerce platforms.

Choosing the Right NetSuite Modules For Your Firm

Netsuite is suitable for dealing with challenges that revolve mainly around financial management and accounting, including AP, AR general ledger, and cash management. These features are financial pillars and are a part of the suite; therefore, no need of any additional modules.

For a few businesses, a better financial management and accounting system needs additional capabilities to cater to unique industry requirements. For that, netsuite module for industrial solutions is intended. They meet the unique criteria of a specific market.


Adding new modules to help with fresh business challenges is always an option. You can ensure not being left behind by communicating with the netsuite manager to add the right features, particularly for your business model. Why don’t you contact Power Cloud Consultancy Services for more details on this matter? Dial (866) 517-8483 to connect with us.

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