Netsuite is working and changing dynamics for business owners in all its glory. With the CPQ option, Netsuite has automated business logic throughout sales transactions. How good would it be to generate quotes for your customers, improve interactions, minimize errors, and save salespeople time?

CPQ from Netsiuite is your savior! It enables the configuration of services and products not virtually but in real-time to facilitate teams to make accurate orders and quotations with any issues.

Advantages of Using CPQ

CPQ for NetSuite (Configure, Price, Quote): The software and modules in it efficiently give your customers options for different configurations plus customizations to complex products and services.

Configure, price and quote options make it possible for your salespeople to easily sort out your customer’s requirements and customize a configuration providing accurate pricing directly.

NetSuite CPQ and Current Business Challenges

Here are some common pros enabling CPQ from Netsuite to deal with everyday business challenges.

1. It helps increase productivity, simultaneously reducing sales cycles and accentuating margins.

2. Minimize errors and work with accuracy, something your business needs for pricing and quotation customization for orders and better visibility.

3. Netsuite CPQ allows your sales team to make use of its tools to hit their goals and decrease the sales cycle as quotes and orders are created in a matter of seconds.

4. Automation always reduces the chances of errors; here, it helps increase the accuracy of quotes and the shipping and receiving speed of the products.

5. Automated processes save time and money.

With NetSuite CPQ Configurator, now customers and respondents can choose features as well as product options with businesses that ensure configuration accuracy.

Additional Plug-ins For NetSuite CPQ Configurator

Proposal Generator By CPQ (Cloud Service)

This option will help you to generate precise and changeable documents and proposal templates swiftly.

SuiteCommerce CPQ Integration

You can now very easily expand your customer’s SCA website. This is done via users being able to add different configurations and non-standard items to their shopping carts.

CPQ E-commerce Integration

This add-on helps you to display your customer’s configurator on any website that is not on NetSuite. This helps integrate an e-commerce platform into your customer’s NetSuite instance.

Then, items configured are added to online customers’ carts with the configuration rules for EDI orders ensuring proper materials, pricing, routings, and discounts.

CPQ Manufacturing Cloud Services

Manufacturing cloud services enable you to dynamically generate bills of the material and routing steps on a NetSuite work order.

This service works with every NetSuite Manufacturing module, be it WIP and Routings, Work Orders and Assemblies, etc.

Final Words

You can always get in touch with Power Cloud Netsuite consultancy with any queries about CPQ, CPQ pricing, add-on modules, and more. We strive to make your business better every day. Give us a call at (866) 517-8483 for a free consultation right away!

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