Managing customer relationships effectively, boosts any business’s sales. NetSuite CRM facilitates excellent customer services to improve the relationships of organizations with their customers, which ultimately increases revenues. This blog has detailed the top 5 features that can enhance your sales.

CRM Features That Accentuate the Sale Outcome

NetSuite can help you stay on top of your game with the following features:

1. Marketing Automation

NetSuite CRM is like having a powerful marketing campaign running clockwork across all channels. Its edgy feature automates your entire marketing process, aligning the campaigns perfectly with your sales efforts. It helps your business target audience, create the right content, and trigger actions based on schedules and customer behavior.

Moreover, NetSuite CRM is not just that; it changes lead capture from multiple sources such as websites, search engines, emails, and events.

2. Sales Force Automation

Using NetSuite to mechanize manual lead routing directs new leads to the right salesperson. It becomes easy to create dynamic sales rules and territories, boosting collaboration and visibility across teams.
With a strong pipeline and analysis reporting, your sales managers can get accurate measurements of success and insights into areas that need improvement.

3. Reliable Sales Forecasting with The Help of Transaction-based Data

Tracking sales data and calculating commissions manually can be a real pain. But with NetSuite CRM, easy configuration of sales commission is a reality. They are set on rules based on quotas, profit margins, and any other criteria.
It is easy to follow leads from start to end, while NetSuite caters to commission calculations. Integrate with accounting, and manage payouts using built-in payroll capabilities for a streamlined processed team.

4. Flexible Sales Commissions Management

The reason why NetSuite CRM gets all the attention is its flexibility. It aligns perfectly with your marketing and sales teamwork, automating execution, tracking, and analysis.

5. Integrated with NetSuite ERP

Both are like a match made in heaven. NetSuite CRM perfectly integrates with NetSuite ERP to offer the whole package. From handling the sales cycle to closing year-end books, you just name it!

6. Real-time Sales Analytics and Reporting

Want to learn about detailed insights into your sales performance, channel NetSuite CRM’s real-time sales analytics and reporting tools for this. Customizable reports and easy-to-understand dashboards are your helpers to monitor KPIs and identify trends. RT data means adapting your sales strategies, identifying top performers, and improving your process to drive more revenue.

7. Customer Support and Service Management

Par excellence customer service is a potent driver of sales and employee loyalty. NetSuite CRM offers strong service management capabilities. Track customer inquiries, issues, and requests in a centralized database.

Closing Note

It is a good approach to get NetSuite for your business to make processes easier. We understand that making decisions on your own is difficult with this wide range of options to choose from. Powercloud Consulting can help you crack a great deal. Dial (866) 517 8483 to connect with us.

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