If you are planning to expand your business, NetSuite can be your trump card. This software helps budding startups achieve high-level goals and make their mark in the big leagues. However, it is crucial for you to learn the correct usage method. In this blog, we have detailed the top 10 mistakes you must avoid while implementing NetSuite for maximum profits.

10 Common Mistakes Made During NetSuite Implementation

Choosing The Wrong Partner

Your NetSuite implementation partner should have reasonable experience and skills tailored to your needs. Do not choose any partner just to get done with the work. Properly search for someone who understands the technicalities of software implementation in your field.

Incorrect Data Transfer

Migrating your data to NetSuite must be done after meticulous planning and preparation. Hasty transfers are a recipe for disaster, leaving your sensitive information corrupted and unusable.

Not Keeping Up With Documentation

One of the initial steps of Netsuite implementation is to thoroughly check all the files and document any discrepancies. Make sure to resolve any gaps before you start working on the transfer.

Not Acknowledging The Importance Of NetSuite Sandbox Tool

NetSuite’s sandbox tool is just like a test drive before actual the actual race starts. Your employees can have hands-on experience in a safe environment before they actually start using it. By doing so, you reduce the chances of errors and glitches.

Inadequate Training

Think about it, if you do not teach a child alphabetical sequence, how can you expect them to start reading and writing? Similar is the case with NetSuite too. When employees lack proper training on NetSuite, you increase the risk of error and company loss in the future.

Improper Budgeting

Proper budget allocation can save costs in teh longer run. NetSuite implementation requires a proper amount set for essentials such as an implementation team, training, data migration, and other critical components.

Ignoring Data Cleaning

Before you make the transition to NetSuite, do not forget a thorough cleanse. Ignoring this step will open the road for the issues to plague this system that hit your previous one. So, it is best to start afresh.

Excessive Customization

We agree one of the best things about using NetSuite is its ease of personalization but do not overdo it. It may seem tempting but remember that balance is key. Over-customization means budget overruns and timeline crunches.

Mixing Old and New Processes

It is time to let go of the past and take get on board with the changes. When implementing a new ERP system, leave behind the problems of the past for good.

Not Taking Time Before Going Live

Before you hit the send button (figuratively), give ample time for your employees to become familiar with the new pattern so that they make fewer mistakes. Let them play as much as they want in the NetSuite sandbox tool; it is for your own good.

Closing Note

Want to learn more about NetSuite implementation? Contact Power Cloud for consultation. Dial (866) 517-8483 for more.

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