When it comes to sales analytics, businesses have various options to choose from. Some of the popular choices include Excel Spreadsheets, NetSuite System Reports, In-House Built Database, and Business Intelligence Analytics. Every option has its set of pros, cons, and limitations; let’s discuss each in detail.

Increasing Sale Outcome with the Help of NetSuite

NetSuite System Reports

NetSuite System Reports offers a wide range of canned reports that integrate well into sales systems. These reports provide real-time data, ensuring accuracy. They are suitable for basic reporting needs, but generating ad-hoc reports can be more challenging and time-consuming. Skilled users familiar with the NetSuite reporting tool are required.

NetSuite reports may lack flexibility in terms of slicing and dicing the information.

Excel Spreadsheets

Excel is widely used in businesses where dedicated sales analytics software is not available. It allows users to export data into spreadsheets and manually create reports. While anyone with basic Excel skills can create simple reports, complex reports require advanced knowledge. Attention to detail is crucial to avoid human errors.
One major drawback of Excel is the time it takes to create reports, especially those which require complex functions. Other than that, the compilation process is time-consuming, and by the time the reports are ready, they may already be outdated. Moreover, it also does not have real-time tracking, which is essential for businesses with multiple online sales channels.

In-House Built Database

An in-house built database, such as Access, Crystal Reports, or Cube, offers the advantage of customization to align with specific business processes. This tailored approach ensures the system meets the company’s needs during design and implementation.

There are limitations to this custom approach. The system’s functionality is typically based on current processes and the person managing it. Updating business processes or losing the staff member responsible for the system can pose challenges. Incorporating new technologies and updates requires constant modifications, making the software sensitive and difficult to maintain. User satisfaction and adoption can suffer if the system is not user-friendly.

Business Intelligence Analytics

Business Intelligence Analytics is a newer option gaining popularity due to its ease of use and variety of reports available. It addresses the limitations of other systems by providing mobile access and user-friendly report creation and interpretation. For NetSuite users, it is crucial to choose a Business Intelligence tool that operates in the cloud.

Choosing the Best Option

Selecting the best sales analytics software depends on your specific reporting needs. Consider factors such as user interface, ease of use, flexibility, report creation speed, and cost-effectiveness.

Closing Note

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