Just getting started with a CRM? Or are you evaluating to try new options to meet the company’s needs? Well, in both cases making the right choice for the benefit of your firm can be challenging. Both popular CRM solutions are at your disposal, NetSuite vs Salesforce. Which one to choose?

While both Salesforce and NetSuite offer similar core features, these two have their set of advantages and disadvantages to look out for. Both of the above-named cloud services have a relatively wide range of features to help your sales processes streamline them and improve collaboration between team members. So the burning question is, which one is better? Let’s dig into some of the key differences.

What is CRM, and Why Is It Needed?

CRM, or customer relationship management, is the technological force that helps in the efficient management of firms. It handles business relationships such as team interactions, interpersonal relations between the customer and team, etc.

The main reason for using this feature is to improve business relationships; this, in return, helps in increasing the profit and may also aid in expansion.

Comparing Netsuite CRM vs Salesforce

According to the market share, Salesforce is the most sought-after CRM software around the world. This means that many people use it, and it has proven beneficial for their business. However, this does not necessarily mean that Salesforce ERP is the best one available.

Netsuite is coming with a bang carving its way into the market amongst all the renowned software. This became possible after the infamous takeover by Oracle. Netsuite offers extensive ERP solutions while also providing complete CRM, enabling them to have real-time transparency with customers.

The Netsuite ERP facilitates the firms with front-office solutions for better customer integration because the focus is mainly on them.

Salesforce vs CRM NetSuite, on the other hand, is automation software that not only emphasizes on sales but also provides solutions for enhanced analytics, mobility and marketing.

Feature Difference – Netsuite CRM vs Salesforce

Netsuite has easy access and usage, and to understand that here is a breakdown of its modules:


  • It helps predict probability-based offers
  • Order management with ease.

Customer service and Support

  • Aids in status tracking, case submission, self-serve online communication.
  • Routinely tracking and providing support to the customers.
  • Real-time dashboards available to help overview key factors such as renewals, customer satisfaction, resolution metrics etc.

Automated Marketing

  • Single system email marketing
  • Rapid tracking of campaigns
  • Upsell marketing with history analysis

E-commerce with Non-Rigid Customization

  • Easily updates micro-interactions
  • Transparency of products and services

On the other hand, Salesforce has:

Sales cloud

  • Allows contact, opportunity, data, and lead management
  • Emails integration along with files sync and share
  • Sales forecasting and mobility

Service Cloud

  • Telephonic integration
  • Case management
  • Asset order management
  • Dashboards with customer reports
  • Account and contact management

Marketing Cloud

  • Social media marketing
  • B2C journey management
  • B2B marketing automation
  • Mobile messaging
  • Digital advertising
  • Email marketing

Pros and Cons of CRM Netsuite and Sales Force

Every software has its advantage and disadvantage.

Advantages – Netsuite

  • Streamlined information access throughout the customer lifecycle along with simplifying lead-to-cash processes of your business.
  • Overview of your customer increases the productivity levels of your team.
  • Better forecasting better sales

Advantages – Salesforce

  • Aids as a strategic advisor
  • Service cloud available
  • Bets customer service
  • Robust e-commerce facilities are available

Disadvantages – Netsuite CRM

  • Productivity tool integration is unavailable.
  • Increased support access fees with customer support troubles.
  • Personal AI assistants in NetSuite are unavailable.

Disadvantages – Salesforce

  • Higher cost, small businesses can’t afford it.
  • Salesforce is solely a CRM software, so you need connectors to share your data with software like ERP, which increases the overall cost.
  • Lengthy implementation process.

Final Words

Netsuite is gaining popularity day by day amongst the CRM systems all because of its customization and integration functions. Choose the software after analyzing what you want from it as an outcome. Power cloud Solutionssurely provide Netsuite solutions; why don’t you give us a call? Dial (866) 517-8483.

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